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Bill Mares

Hi, I am Bill Mares, born and raised in Kyle Street Sargent, NE.

I in my personal life live with my family, my father, mother, and little sister.

But beyond that, I have a big community life, with ‘SERGEANT AT ARMS Motorcycle Club’ and along with affiliation with other biking communities around me.

Love a make long tours with the bike, don't like solo travel much but enjoys a lot with other guys from the different biking community.

I love helmets a lot, Kind it becomes a hobby to me to wear new helmets, from $29 cheap helmet to $2900 premium quality helmet, every piece of helmet I love.

And here in Helmet Friki, I am sharing my knowledge and love with other bikers to make them aware of safety and finding the right helmets.

Always wear a helmet and ride safe.